All of your health records, business documentation, media, digitized personal information, etc. are examples of data.

Any piece of information that can be stored in the internet is a form of data.

Data is no longer an invisible afterthought...

DATA (DADA) is a traded asset that can be owned and sold for a profit.

Blockchain technology uses a decentralized data flow archived permanently on an open digital ledger.

Information is protected using innovative cryptographic technology...
basically an improved security function.

Users receiving data can only see the information if they hold the cryptographic key from the sender.

So instead of 1 central data center that can be easily hacked, controlled and manipulated...

Blockchain eliminates the ability to manipulate data or abuse power while also creating a faster, safer, and more efficient ecosystem for data movement.

Blockchain uses public digital ledgers to offer users security, speed, and transparency.

Uses Proven & Trusted Cryptographic computer functions.


P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks.


Decentralized computer network.

There are many applications for Blockchain technology...

A few examples of blockchain being implemented right now:

Amazon Web Services

A Blockchain product that allows access to a network of virtual clustered computers available all the time through the internet. Now ANYONE can have access to:

  • Digital Ledger Solutions
  • Serverless Computing Solutions
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Internet of Things Solutions
  • High Performance Computing Solutions
  • Database Migration Solutions
  • Scientific Computing Solutions
  • Mobile Service Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Architectures Solutions
  • Secure Storage Solutions & Disaster Recovery
IBM - Hyperledger

An open-source Blockchain product - Hosted by the Linux Foundation. Aims to be the most trusted and used blockchain used for business solutions. Right now solutions built on the IBM Blockchain Platform can trace food in seconds instead of days, speed up shipments through a secure view of truth, and help bypass an outdated international payments system with simultaneous clearing and settlement of cross-border transactions.

Docademic (MTC)

Docademic is an international medical platform in which people with smart-devices can meet with a doctor through their devices camera and receive medical advice immediately. The platform stores its data on a blockchain and requires the MTC token to retrieve data from the blockchain.

  • No more waiting days and weeks to see a doctor!
  • No more waiting days for doctors to share sensitive medical information.

The Ripple platform is an open source protocol which is designed to allow fast and cheap transactions using its native XRP currency. Customers can easily leverage on-demand liquidity in cross-border transactions.

  • No more waiting days for cross-border transactions.
  • No more crazy fees for cross-border transactions.

The TokenPay blockchain enables the ability for cryptocurrency to be used for everyday life. TokenPay has acquired 10% of Germany WEG Bank AG with an option to buy the rest. TokenPay has partnered with the Litecoin Foundation, which sustains over a Billion $’s in market value, and Verge who is used as a virtual currency for TrafficJunky and MindGeek. Traffic Junky and MindGeek control a large percentage worldwide internet traffic.

All services that rely on the ability to record, store, or share data will find an efficient use of


Social Media


Financial Industry

Travel Industry

Automobile Industry

Healthcare Industry


Customer Relationship Mgmt

Accounting Firms


Mailing Industry

Higher Education

Music Industry

Insurance Industry

Human Resources


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