DADADEMIC is the inspiration that comes from the unknowing majority who have created and populated the Data Industry.

The data industry will be financially worth billions if not trillions soon...

DADADEMIC will be a bridge to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency understanding without the long and confusing explanations.

Our vision is to launch a Social Platform in order to facilitate user compensation with cryptocurrency based on users total data contribution.

Company transparency will be our benchmark.

DADADEMIC will not create our own coin but instead
look to create partnerships with the
best Blockchain & Cryptocurrency projects


1. Growing the DADADEMIC platform usability in order to fairly compensate users.

2. Growing and improving blockchain & crypto projects connectivity to the public
thus contributing to the entire Blockchain & Cryptocurrency industry.

We will be a key member representing the public in the Blockchain & Crypto industries.

Thank you for contributing your time and data – DADA.
Let’s empower each other by exchanging knowledge in an exciting new world!


Exchange data to empower people for the future.


An innovative social media platform designed to reward users for their trust.